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ONE PIECE or One-Piece?

〈At our sharehouses, every party has a different theme.
We were already getting bored with typical themes so this time we picked unusual one.〉

その名も「ONE PIECE deご飯」
〈And it is “dinner with ONE PIECE.”〉

〈With this theme, what do you think up of?〉

笑えましたが「ONE PIECE」という漫画に登場する「サンジ」というコックがいて
〈”ONE PIECE” is a japanese very famous comic book.
Within the comic, there is a character named “Sanji.” He is a chef of a pirate ship.〉
サンジ←サンジ   S__7241814
〈There is the recipe book that includes recipes Sanji made within the comic!
So with the party theme and with this book we prepared plates as the way Sanji did.〉

S__7241800  S__7241799

S__7241795  S__7241794


S__7241815 S__7241813 S__7241811

S__7241808 S__7241809 S__7241807

S__7241806 S__7241805 S__7241804

S__7241821  S__7241819

〈It’s become an unexpectedly gorgeous party♪〉