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Share-leaf in KYOTO その②バスで京都一周〈Part 2 Around Kyoto in 1 day〉

〈A good thing about living in a share house of Share-leaf is that we can meet people from other share houses.One of big opportunities is field trip held by Share-leaf!〉

今宮 外国人 銀閣 外国人

〈Kyoto trip was just held because it is the perfect season to visit there. Spring is almost over and wether is getting better and better.Sharing a bus with people from the other houses of Share-leaf for about two hours… we’re already having blast!〉

S__7585803 S__7585797

〈After arrival, the agenda says the group pics, then happy free time♪〉

〈Since one of us went free time with good-looking guys from the other houses, we–as in four of us from Fukiage Share-leaf– went Kyoto sightseeing using public bus without him:P〉

〈Starting with breakfast at Iyoda Coffee that we heard famous, french toast and coffee were served♪
They were unexpectedly deeeelicious I’m so sorry that I forgot to take pics to share with you.〉


〈Getting the one day pass, we took the bus to go around Kyoto-Silver Pavilion, Imamiya Shrine, and Nishiki market!
During each visit, we satisfied our appertite and feeling with cold udon noodle and Aburi-mochi, roasted japanese rice cake.〉

今宮 今宮 おみくじ 今宮 石

おめん おもち②

銀閣 庭 銀閣

〈On the way to everywhere, don’t know why but one of us wanted to talked to all the foreign strangers and take pics with.
Anyhow, everything was fun and exciting and sharing experiences with house mates made us closer, I guess☆〉

銀閣 外国人 今宮 外国人

〈To be continued to the next trip and we definitely wearing MAIKO-HAN costume and makeup♪〉