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琵琶湖でBBQ!!〈BBQ at the lake Biwa〉

Shareleaf held the annnual BBQ at Biwako!

バス 全体


天気は出発前から降ったり止んだり大降りだったり… 心配でしたが、

Unfortunately we had sometimes shower, sometimes just clouds, sometimes heavy rain on the way…
but by the time we arrived, the weather was ready and we say “kanpa-i!”

買物 乾杯


People were gathered from three share houses of Shareleaf. Altogether we enjoyed BBQ, drinks, play in the lake♪
We experienced a miraculous comedy moment, master shooting skill, Disneyland in Biwako…...

ビーチ 準備

コンロ 横 コンロ 横 トマト

芸人 芸人 横2

射撃 射撃 縦 2 射撃 縦 3


As you could see, Shareleaf’s events are always festive and entertaining♪♪
Next events are coming soon su as rafting and all night long dancing at Gujo Festival!
And in winter, we shall go snowboarding—!